Stephan Kälin, MSc, Psychologist FSP, year of birth 1973. I live in Zurich together with my two kids.

Additional to my education in Psychology, Psychopathology and Journalism at the University of Zurich (UZH) I have done training as a mediator and as a supervisor / coach BSO at the Institute of Development and Further Education (IEF). I do freelance work as a team builder, supervisor and consultant in various contexts.

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What lead to Picturetelling?

Creative work with a group of people has always been one of my favorite fields of interest. A tool that I like to apply is Photolangage. Langage can serve as a perfect icebreaker by getting people to communicate who usually have trouble talking in a group setting. I tried to find a way to improve the resource- and solution oriented part of this tool, which lead to the development of Picturetelling. While developing this method I was able to show why Picturetelling really works by studying literature on Langage. In addition to theoretical considerations I evaluated Picturetelling by means of a questionnaire and was able to document the additional benefit.