Why should I work with this method?

Because it is time and again striking to see how fast people can get in touch with their feelings when a picture serves as a mediator.

Can I carry out a classical Langage with these cards?

PicturetellingYes, this is very easily possible. The  double-sided print allows various combinations of cards.

How many cards do I need for a team?

For a team with 20 coworkers a minimum of 100 cards is necessary The less cards, the larger the likelihood that two persons choose the same card. This is not problematic because associations to the same picture will hardly ever be the same.

With what kind of work can I use this method?

Picturetelling can be applied for supervision, coaching, therapy, team building or groups in general. The list of possibilities is non-exhaustive. Find new areas and settings to apply Picturetelling!

Possible combinations to approach problems

! What would I like to achieve this year? What will help me to achieve this goal?
! What is my role in the team? What are my strengths?
! What would I like to achieve in this seminar? What could keep me from achieving it?
! What are my strengths? What do I need help with?
! How do I feel in this team? What would help me to feel better?

Can this method only be used in teams?

No. It is also possible to use it when working with individuals. People have reported that the method helps to express and communicate thoughts, which would could not have been talked about in the same way without the pictures.

What makes these sets of cards special?

First, you will receive cards that have pictures to work with on both sides. Besides using them for regular Langage you can use them for other solution-oriented methods such as Picturetelling.
Second, any card can be individually reordered if you lose or break it.
Third, you will receive Picturetelling in a stable box that will keep the cards in good shape.
Forth, should our company cease to exist, we will provide the pdf-formatted cards for free. You will not loose access to the cards. You are purchasing a product that will make you happy for the rest of your life.

Why shouldn’t I assemble the pictures myself?

Of course you are welcome to do that. It showed however, that the time spent for searching pictures that are not subject to copyright laws, turned out to be a considerable factor for the calculation of the costs.

Why does this set cost so much?

The double-sided print is the main reason for Picturetelling being a little more expensive than comparable products. Fortunately however, the costs aren’t double the price of a one-sided print. If you put together a set of a hundred postcards you  will have to invest a much higher amount.


We offer different discount options, which can be viewed here.

Can different persons of the same company use the same set?

Yes, this is possible but if different persons continuously use the same set we ask you to acquire an additional license. This license is CHF 30.– and allows unlimited use of an other set. We rely on your honesty.