Boxing of the setOne set of Picturetelling includes the cards  packed in a solid box made out of coated   cardboard. The cards are printed on both   sides and consist of 200g/m2 white color copy paper. The format is A5 (14.8 x 21cm / 5.8 x   8.3 in), printed with a four-colored laser  printing procedure. We value quality.   Therefore, all of the sets’ components are  produced in Switzerland. The print, as well as the packaging is produced exclusively by Swiss manufacturers. In this way we can guarantee and monitor a consistent degree of quality.

Ecological and sustainable

By limiting material production to Switzerland we keep transport routes short and prevent unnecessary environmental pollution and at the same time support small to medium businesses in Switzerland. We deliberately decide against cheaper foreign production.

Lifelong availability

The Picturetelling cards can always be re-ordered. If we ever decide to stop producing them, we will provide free access to pdf formatted individual cards. You are then free to print these cards and to continue working with them if our company ceases to exist.

Shipping charges

Price for mailing and packaging is CHF 10.– in Switzerland. Shipments to the rest of Europe are CHF 18.50*. For all other countries we will charge CHF 24.00*. The PT box is sent by regular mail.

Sharing the set with others

If more than one person use the set continuously we ask you to acquire an  additional license. This license is CHF 30.– and allows unlimited use of an other  set. We rely on your honesty.


* Other currencies will be calculated by the actual exchange rate of the day.