PT - Set 1The basic set consists of a total of 100  double-sided cards A1 to A50 and B1 to B50. This set is designed for up to 20 persons.  With the double-sided print, cards can be combined in various ways. With the set, you  will receive a stable cardboard box, which allows easy storage and prevents the cards  from being bent or getting dirty. The cards of this set numbered A1-A50 and B1-B50 can be viewed here.

We offer different discount options for this set:

1 – 4 Sets: Set price CHF 190.–*
5 – 9 Sets: Set price CHF 180.–*
> 10 Sets: one additional free set.

Additional set (in planning stage)

In future it will be possible to purchase an additional 50 cards not yet included in the basic set. The release date is not yet scheduled and depends on the extent of demand.


* Other currencies will be calculated by the actual exchange rate of the day. You will receive an email with a payment order for Paypal where you can pay safely by credit card.