Picturetelling in a nutshell

PT consists of cards with pictures printed on both sides
PT is a creative method
PT can be applied for individual as well as for group settings
PT is resource and solution oriented
PT helps to broaden one’s horizon
PT is theory based and evaluated

What is Picturetelling?

Picturetelling is a creative method used to work with groups. The name is a  composition of the words Picture and Storytelling. The name strengthens the intention of PT, which is to explore by means of explaining, communicating and telling a story based on a picture.
Picturetelling is based on the Langage Technique. Langage is a well-established method used to work with groups and was originally developed to help people communicate in a group. The advantage of this method lies within the picture taking over the role of a mediator. The picture is part of the description and not the person him or herself. This enables the narrator to talk about personal issues without feeling exposed.

What is new about PT?

PicturetellingPT takes one step further. The first step is identical to Langage. A person chooses a picture, which helps him to answer a  question. The additional second step used in PT broadens the perspective; on the backside of the card there is yet another picture which cannot be chosen voluntarily. Nevertheless this second picture has to be used to answer the following second question. What seems impossible prior to the task – which is to draw personal information from a randomly picked picture – turns out to be very enriching and easier than expected. It forces the person to deal with him or herself in a much more intense way and the perspective is broadened merely by having to elaborate on an unforeseen picture. PT therefore represents a powerful tool to open one’s mind to a new point of view.

How does PT work?

The question “what would I like to achieve this summer” can serve as an example. In a first step, a picture is chosen and associations evoked by the picture are stated. In a second step, a second question is raised, such as “What could help me to achieve this goal?” The card is flipped and the person in question tries to answer with the help of this card. This way, focus is deliberately set on the solution or the available resources. PT represents a resource and solution oriented tool for a variety of settings. More possible combinations of questions can be found here.